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【Employment condition in Indonesia】No.126 “How to cope with online company information website"



OS Selnajaya Indonesia Masahiro Hagusa

On December 17 last year, Korean online company information website called “Job Planet.com” officially launched the service.
This website introduces companies’ corporate culture, salary levels, welfare facilities, strength and weakness to job seekers, and such information is posted anonymously by employees working in the company or candidates who have been interviewed by the company.
It is a website similar to “everyone’s job hunting diary” in Japan.
In Indonesia especially, there are only few companies which have their own website, and company information that ordinary people can obtain is limited, so this website attracts job seekers’ attention as an innovative service.

I also tried using the service by myself.
At first when I opened the website, the input screen was displayed. I input company’s name, employment status, job type, position, office location, company’s overall evaluation, strength, weakness and comment to the management, and then evaluate the career path, welfare facilities, work-life balance, corporate culture, management, and furthermore about whether I will recommend the company to job seekers and if I think that the company will grow in coming 1 year.
The questions up to this point were considerable volume, but the questions continued. A screen was displayed for me to enter salary information such as years of service, salary and bonus amount. At last, I filled in about the interview I had such as what position of interviewer interviewed me, what types of test or interview I had, and whether health checkup or a test of physical strength was arranged, and even difficulty level of the interview.
After filling in all questions, job seekers finally could see the company’s information. In other words, the more job seekers who look for company’s information increase, the more the volume of information also increase.

Job seekers who input all the information become entitled to search not only by company’s name but also by type of business, office location, career path or welfare facilities with assessment of each item. When you open the company’s page, you can see the assessment of the company indicating by the number of stars which is like a hotel reservation website, and many comments of evaluators were there.
With such volume of information, job seeker must be interested in the website.

However, what we must be careful about is that all information is input by anonymous people.
Although it seems that the contents are verified by the service provider, we cannot judge whether the information is really correct because even a person who has not been interviewed or has never worked in the company can write freely. If there is no other information except the ones in the website, the job seeker may rely on the information.
And, if the information is too negative, it may affect the job seeker’s future recruitment activities. It would be better if we pay attention only to what are written in the website about our company.

(Posted on Jiji Press Indonesia)

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