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Study Abroad Support Program

OS Selnajaya, on behalf of international student agency gives full support for Indonesian students to study in Japan by providing necessary information, PR activities, information collection. Please utilize our company as a satellite office in Indonesia.

Japanese language learners and condition of studying abroad in Indonesia

In Indonesia, number of Japanese language learners are increasing year by year and the motivation for learning Japanese language is getting higher, with being the second largest in the world after Korea in 2015.
In fact, many students become interested and participate in Study-in-Japan fair held in Indonesia.

※Held on April 7 & 8, 2016 at Global Islamic School・Jakarta Student Council

However, it is the fact that in Indonesia, the number of students studying in Japan is still small, while English-speaking countries such as Singapore or Australia are positioned as major destinations for studying abroad.

Based on the data published by JASSO, PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia created the chart

Based on the data published by JASSO, PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia created the chart

One of the reasons why Japan is not chosen as a destination for studying abroad despite such high interest in Japan is due to lack of information as many information about universities, regions or living in Japan are indicated in Japanese language, and it is actually too complicated for individual Indonesian students to make arrangements for studying in Japan.
For those who are indulged in educational institutes in Japan side, there are many issues as well. Some of them cannot have a chance to visit Indonesia as they don’t have any connection in Indonesia, or cannot organize the follow-up system to receive inquiries from Indonesian students even if promotional activities are somehow conducted to Indonesian educational institutions.

Support service details of OS Selnajaya

Set up school guidance liaison in 6 places in total such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and other cities.
Function as Customer’s satellite office
  • Handling various inquiries
  • Consultation with those who want to study abroad
  • Arrangement support for studying abroad procedures
Information delivery by WEB

Publication of school information in Website specialized in studying abroad, or SNS such as Facebook.

PR activities
  • Participation in study abroad fair
  • Presentation at high schools and universities on behalf

Flow of service usage

Please contact us by email or telephone.

Hearing requirement
We will do hearing from you about the support requirements, etc. in detail.
Skype interview is also available according to your needs.

Conclusion of service agreement
After conclusion of service agreement with our company, we will start the support service.

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