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Company establishment/license acquisition agency business

Please leave all to OS Selnajaya for your investment in Indonesia. We will support you in various tasks from before establishment and even after the establishment such as investment preparation, company establishment, license application, capital increment, change of directors, or office relocation. You may leave those in trust with our company who keeps good relationship with relevant ministries and have extensive experiences as well as know-how. We are constantly delivering the latest legal information to our customers. Our company’s great advantage is that we are consistently able to provide our support in various tasks required to operate the company in Indonesia after the company establishment. You can save time and energy without repetition of giving same documents or same explanation to other parties. We can build a company together with our customers as a business partner in Indonesia by providing services of hiring staff who are growing together with the company, making regulations or systems in accordance with Indonesian law or custom and following up the visa issue of Japanese expatriates.

Necessary procedures for company establishment

(Example:In case of Manufacturing)

It takes 1 to 1.5 years to complete the following all licenses before the company starts the business activities.

Registration related licenses
  • Principal License of Investment (IP)
  • Tax Number Registration (NPWP)
  • Domicile Certificate (Surat Keterangan Domisili)
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Article of Association (Akta Pendirian Perusahaan)
  • Taxable Enterprise Confirmation Letter (SPPKP)
  • Approval of Ministry of Law and Human Right (SK Kumham/MoLHR)
  • Industry Business license (IUI)
Other accompanying licenses
  • Import Identification Number (API)
  • Customs Identity Number (NIK)
  • Master List
  • Environmental License

※This differs according to the region, business, law amendment, etc..

Frequently asked requests

Please ask us if you have the following issues.

  • Want to extend the business to Indonesia
  • Want to open a representative office
  • Want to relocate the office or factory
  • Want to open a new office/sales office
  • Want to close down the company/branch office/sales office
  • Want to change a director/shareholder
  • Want to import new machines/equipment
  • Want to expand scope of business
  • Thinking to increase the capital
  • Having a problem to import necessary raw materials
  • Wondering about the possibility of starting a new business
  • Want to develop the business which had succeeded in other countries
  • The expiry date of company registration documents is getting close

Flow of service usage

We listen to your specific requests.

We arrange necessary licenses and make a schedule at the same time. Signing in the quotation is considered to be an official order to us.

Preparation of necessary documents and application
Based on the documents and information from our customer, we prepare application forms and then submit/apply to the relevant authorities. Several licenses need to be obtained before the registration is completed, so this process will be repeated.

Completion of company registration
Article of Association will be completed at this point.

Application of work-permit
Work-permit for foreign workers will be obtained.

Acquisition of business license
The company establishment will be completed with the acquisition of “Business License”.

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