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Subcontracting service

In Indonesia where provision of outsourcing to production area is not possible, so subcontracting is an effective means to the employment corresponding to production fluctuation. By providing not only subcontracting but also the total solutions including recruitment, outsourcing and labor counseling according to Customer’s needs, Customer is able to arrange internal personnel placement efficiently and flexibly. Please leave it us for the operator manpower mainly for manufacturing industry. We also can arrange subcontracting of staff level (secretary, receptionist, sales staff, etc.).

Operator manpower service of OS Selnajaya

OS Selnajaya will propose optimal manpower allocation based on the consultation with Customer.
We will propose legal solutions based on the prevailing law such as recruitment for those who seek human resources to be a core of the company, outsourcing for those who need to finish a lot of work in a short period, management commission for those who wish to outsource only labor management, etc. in accorddance with Customer’s situation and needs. Because our company can handle various forms of employment, Customer can reduce the proportion of fixed costs in manpower expenses while securing necessary workers for the work.

Operator manpower service of OS Selnajaya

About subcontracting in Indonesia

In Indonesia, manufacturing outsourcing or mangang (trinee) outsourcing used to actively be utilized.
However, the contracts of non-permanent employees were cancelled continuously due to the influence of Lehman shock and the demonstration of labor isues (minimum wage increase, outsourcing prohibition, ratio increase of permanent employees, enhancement of social security, etc.) activated from 2008 to 2009. In response to that, “Ministry of Manpower Regulation No.19” stipulating “prohibition of outsourcing in manufacturing” was issued in November 2012.
As the usage of outsourcing is limited to 5 types of job under this regulation, outsourcing to manufacturing industry is no longer permitted. At the same time, the procedures and approvals of subcontracting became clarified, and it enabled companies to subcontract “non-core work” which is supplementary to the company, but the possibility of “in-plant subcontracting” was not mentioned that the information was not rapidly spread. However, “Notification with regard to Ministry of Manpower Regulation No.19” then was issued in August 2013 that makes “subcontracting is possible” and the number of companies utilizing the subcontracting is now in increase.
In addition, this notification states that orders and instructions from a consignor to workers is possible which is very different from the subcontracting system in Japan, but it is advantage for Customer who is a consignor.

Strength of OS Selnajaya’s subcontracting service

  • Production management system by making use of Japanese know-how
    (Profit sharing)
  • On-site management by experienced local staff and Japanese staff.
  • We will handle promptly when problems arise using our network with government agencies.
  • We work by obtaining subcontracting license in complying with the prevailing law.
  • We can recruit manpower with skills and experience in accordance with Customer’s needs through our recruitment network which our experienced recruit department collaborates with.
  • We have offices in the industrial parks where many Japanese companies are located, so we can give detailed support to Customer.
    (Cibitung, Cikarang, Karawang, Bandung, Surabaya)

Procedure before starting subcontracting

Receipt of data to estimate the cost

Submission of quotation

License acquisition of flow-chart from business sector organization

Report the flow-chart to Department of manpower, issuance of license

Registration of subcontracting contract to department of manpower

Start subcontracting

Business management system

We are working to enhance our operation every single day in order for our customers and staff of OS Selnajaya to carry out our work together in a safe and comfortable environment.

Production management
  • The operation rate
  • Output
  • 5S
Quality management
  • Defective measures, improvement
  • Maintenance of working standard
Safety management
  • Patrol
  • Disaster/accident measures
Manpower management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll
  • Registration to BPJS

Example of subcontracting introduction

Example of introduction

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