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Visa Application Service

OS Selnajaya is assisting Customer who has a problem in visa matters. Our visa expert team who has good relationship with relevant authorities gives a quick, safe and reasonable services to Customer with full responsibility by our own internal arrangement. Please feel free to contact us in Japanese language for visa service.

Outline of various visa

OS Selnajaya handles the following kinds of visa.

Work Permit

In Indonesia, those who work on payment basis or involved in the machine installation at a factory needs to acquire work permit. There are 1 month work permit visa, short-term work permit visa (2-6months) and long-term work permit visa (7-12months).

Business Visa

This visa can be applied for company visit, business meeting, purchasing, participation in a lecture/seminar or visit to Indonesian branch office. There are single visa that can be extended in Indonesia and multiple visa that is valid for 1 year with re-entry permit.

Family Visa

This visa can be obtained for a family of a person who has working permit, or for a foreigners who has a family of Indonesian national.

Social Cultural Visa

This visa can be applied for visiting a friend or relative, social/cultural exchange or educational exchange.

Retirement Visa

This visa can be obtained for a person who is above 55 years old and not involved in any work or business.


We also handle other countries’ visa for Japanese or Indonesian to go on a business trip. Please ask us for changing nationality, shifting from business visa to work permit or acquisition of KITAP as well.

OS Selnajaya’s strength in visa service

Don’t you have this kind of problem?

  • Don’t know the visa system in Indonesia
  • Having a problem with limitation of foreign workers
  • Troublesome to manage visa extension or other visa arrangement
  • Feel insecure about inspection by immigration office
  • Being anxious about whether application will meet the departure date as the period is too short

OS Selnajaya’s strength

OS Selnajaya’s strength

Serving customers by specialized team for application of visa

In accordance with the local compliance, our company staff follow an appropriate application procedure. We will inform you the progress of several arrangements immediately. We are also able to respond quickly to any trouble.

Good relationship with Ministry of Labor and Immigration Office

In case that if the time is not enough before entering Indonesia, if you need to enter Indonesia immediately, if you are suddenly inspected, if many people need to enter Indonesia at the same time, or if some trouble happened at the airport, we will promptly and appropriately respond to your needs.

Report the progress and schedule in English, Indonesian or Japanese

Multilingual staffs are on standby and able to communicate in English, Indonesian and Japanese.
We will give detailed support on the application by standing between your head office and local office.

Many experiences of visa acquisition

In addition to the business with major companies as well as Indonesian visa, we also have many experiences of visa acquisition to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Europe, South or Central America.

Provision of information on local laws and regulations

Through synergy of working with our company’s legal department and company establishment department, we will provide the latest information on amendment of local regulations or application procedures.

Points to be careful in visa acquisition

  • Visa regulations in Indonesia are often revised. Please obtain the latest information.
  • Malicious applications such as forgery of documents are increasing. Please be careful.
  • Inspection by Ministry of labor or immigration office are often reported. Please enter Indonesia with the appropriate visa.

※Please contact usif it doesn’t meet the above requirement.

Flow of service usage

Please inform us what kinds of visa do you want to obtain. We will send you “visa application request form” by email.

Data submission of
Please fill in the necessary data into the application form and submit signed documents back to us

Schedule proposal
After confirming your requests and schedule about visa application, we propose you the visa schedule.

We will send you a quotation. After we receive signed Quotation, we will start application process.

Document preparation by Customer side
We will send you “document list for visa application”. Please prepare necessary documents mentioned in the list and send them in the format of colored scan data.

Making of the application documents by our side
We will make visa application documents to be submitted to the government agency and send them for you to check. Please submit them to us after a competent person signs.

Application to the Government agency
After receiving the documents with proper signature, we will start visa application by our side.

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